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Project description

YASAT (Yet Another Stupid Audit Tool) is a simple stupid audit tool.
Its goal is to be as simple as possible with minimum binary dependencies (only sed, grep and cut)
Second goal is to document each test with maximum information and links to official documentation.
It do many tests for checking security configuration issue or others good practice.
It checks many software configurations like:
YASAT is licensed under GPLv3



Screenshot yasat basic output Screenshot yasat apache tree


All available downloads can be found at Sourceforge.net

Installation, configuration, supported systems

YASAT has been tested on

Official distribution

For a simple installation:

For a classic installation, just do make install (Accept PREFIX and DESTDIR variable)

Support, bugs, patchs, critics, etc..

Patch, contributions, critics ( even bad:) ) are welcome.
You can perhaps find me on channel #yasat on Freenode IRC servers or follow me on twitter @CodingMontjoie

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